Would you trade Freedom for Security?

The goal of the Ad Council's Internet Safety Coalition is to help teens and their parents make smart, conscientious decisions in an increasingly digital world. Our mission is straightforward – to join together in promoting safe, responsible Internet use through clear, consistent, research-based messages.

The current Beware What You Share campaign assets remind teens that online actions can have real world consequences and that posting isn't private. The assets are available for Coalition partners to use in their teen Internet safety communications efforts.

Are you a Coalition partner and want to access Beware What You Share campaign assets and research materials? Please login. Interested in joining the Coalition? Contact us.


More About the Internet Safety Coalition


Coalition partners represent a broad range of industry leaders who are unified in their commitment to promoting safe and responsible Internet use among teens and parents. Partners have agreed to incorporate Beware What You Share strategic messages into their own Internet safety marketing and outreach efforts, which may include online content and campaigns, advertising, web sites, consumer promotions, grassroots programs, and collateral materials. The combined strength of these efforts allows our Coalition messaging to have a wide and impactful reach.


In response to the sometimes inconsistent and potentially overwhelming number of Internet safety communications efforts in the marketplace, the Coalition has developed a single and clear teen-targeted message: Beware What You Share. The message informs teens that posting isn't private, and if they wouldn't broadcast information in real life, then it's not smart to broadcast it online where it can remain forever. The message is the result of quantitative strategic research and direct teen feedback, and has been designed to resonate with teens and inspire responsible Internet use by tapping into the importance they place on personal reputation. Coalition partners have agreed to collectively and creatively promote the messaging through their own communication channels and initiatives.

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